Dr. Yacine Messadi

Consultant Family Medicine

French family medicine consultant and sport medicine specialist

Graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of Nice, France
Member of the medical french board (Ordre des médecins de France)

Diplomas and additional training :
– regenerative medicine
– Interventional rheumatology and ultrasound
– Sports medicine
– ⁠Hyperbaric & Diving medicine
– ⁠Podiatry, Posturology

Former doctor and shareholder at:
Nice Institute of Sport and Osteoarthritis (INSA), France
Musculoskeletal Imaging and Therapy Center (Cital), France
Maeday Medical Center (Medical Access Everyday),France

Areas of interest

⁃ Diagnosis and treatment of emergency health problems, management of acute medical illnesses, follow up of chronic diseases, preventive medicine and healthy lifestyle modifications
⁃ Expert in diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal, degenerative or sports- related pathologies such as lower back and neck pain, discopathy, sciatica, joint pain and osteoarthritis, tendinitis, ankle sprain, etc…


⁃ MSK ultrasound
⁃ joint and spinal injections
⁃ rehabilitation and recovery from physical training.
⁃ PRP and stem cells injections