Gynecology and Obstetrics

The French Clinic provides high end Obstetrics and Gynecology healthcare.

We do provide comprehensive Gynecology healthcare for women of all ages. Our Gynecologist Obstetrician will take care of your health requirements such as normal gynecology; follow up of your pregnancy or assisting in management of menopausal symptoms.

Our services include antenatal and postnatal care, maternal-fetal medicine and ultrasound procedures, infertility management.

Our gynecologist obstetrician is qualified from European centres (France, Switzerland, and Germany), he has privileges in hospitals in Dubai to ensure smooth delivery. He is qualified and experienced to practice Surgeries (Breast, Abdominal Laparatomy, Laparoscopy and vaginal procedures).

Our clinic is equipped with Medical Equipments (Ultrasound, Colposcopy, etc.) for follow up of your pregnancy.

Our Gynecologist Obstetrician is certified and experienced for aesthetic Procedures (breast, Abdominoplasty, Vaginal and Nymphoplasty), contraception including intra-uterine devices and contraceptive implants.