Speech and Language Therapy

Speech Therapy is a health profession that consists in preventing, evaluating and treating difficulties or disorders related to speech, language and communication.

The French Clinic Offers High End Speech Therapy Care:

Speech Therapy applies to children, teenagers and adults having difficulties in the following fields:

  • Oral and written language: articulation difficulties, speech, oral and written language delay, stuttering, dysphasia, dyslexia, dysorthographia.
  • Communication
  • Oro-myo-facial functions: swallowing, feeding disorders.
  • Cognitive functions: language, memory, attention, executive, functions in dementia, degenerative diseases and acquired speech disorders (stroke, head trauma, tumor, infection).
  • Mathematical cognition: logical-mathematical delay, dyscalculia
  • Voice: dysphonia
  • Deafness

Our Speech Therapist identifies and confirms or rules out a disorder (presented here above) through a standardized and detailed assessment based on specific tests.

Following this assessment, if deemed necessary, a personalized treatment plan for each patient, meeting specific objectives, will be proposed.

Throughout the whole process, our Speech Therapist will communicate with the parents (parental guidance) as well as with every person in relation with the patient (school, tutor, healthcare professionals,…) in order to support and help him/her during the remediation.

The French Clinic offers also other Healthcare Services for Adults and Children such as Family Medicine, Pediatrics, Gynecology / Obstetrics, Rheumatology, Counselling.

Ms. Catherine See

Speech Therapist