The French Clinic offers high end Pediatric General Care as well as Pediatric Specialized Healthcare Services spans from birth through adolescence. Whether you visit us due to a pediatric emergency, a premature birth, or a clinic visit with one of our pediatric specialists, you will find that our doctor and providers are committed to delivering the best care to you and your family.

Ask your physician to provide you the Health Record Book for your children. You will find valuable advices for their Nutrition and their Growth as you will be able to keep records of their Medical Examinations as well as their Growth Curves.

We also provide specialized Pediatric Healthcare Services, such as Pediatric Pulmonology, New Born and Premature care and General Pediatric care.

Pediatric pulmonary physician specialist treat children with a broad range of breathing and respiratory health problems.

Are you preparing your future holidays? Remember to consult your Pediatrician who will check your child Vaccinations Records and will advise you with required vaccination and prevention relevant with your trip.

Our team provide the following pediatric services for children

The French Clinic offers also other Healthcare Services for Children and Adolescents such as Counselling or Speech Disorders Therapy.