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En appellant pour la 1ère fois pour prendre rendez-vous, je me suis dit rien à perdre d’essayer une nouvelle clinique. A force de visiter de nombreuses cliniques j’ai perdu espoir,
mais, en rencontrant Dr. Noura Tayara , Dr. Masson et Dr. Sandy j’ai su que je serais 1 patiente de La French Clinic.

Great Doctors and Excellent service highly recommended

I can full heartedly recommend Dr. Tayara and her clinic. I was impressed by the extreme professionnalisme and dedication to her patients. Dr. Tayara compassionate by nature, strong attention to détail and excellent patient care skills makes the most challenging treatments a simple occurence. The clinic itself is well equipped and is a state of the art healthcare facility. She is not only the doctor of my children but our family doctor.

Dr Tayara is a highly qualified physician and has a great contact with younger and older kids. She is thorough, has an excellent follow up and gives ample time to her clients. Highly recommended!

The place to go ! Very professional and dedicated team.

Very good clinic with a professional team. Good follow up. Dr Tayara took care of my kids for years and I do not hesitate to consult for me. I consider her as our family doctor.

A place where I am always confident about the safety and well being of our baby, thank you The French Clinic..

They have the best staff and the doctors were very accommodating to their clients. They were very approachable. God bless guys.

Les couleurs sont belles donc rassurantes pour les patients, Bravo ! Bon choix