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The rapid spread of the Corona Virus COVID_19 has taken the world by speed, turning into a pandemic. The world was not prepared. How has "The French Clinic" adapted to ensure continuity of quality care? How can we continue to have our care without exposing ourself to the Virus? should we postpone our children's vaccinations avoiding exposing them? How to do a Telemedicine Consultation? Can we do a consultation in Telemedicine for Counseling or Speech Therapy? What is our risk if we come for a Consultation and Checkups at the Clinic? please find answers to your questions in this article. You can look into their website to know about their services.

Fear of contracting the Corona Virus COVID_19?

In Dubai, as elsewhere, everyone is under the stress of contracting the virus: at work, at school, at restaurants, at shopping centers, but above all by going to their doctor's office.

Can we delay the visit to our Doctor or cancel it?

It depends on the purpose of the visit. Some visits must be made without delays, others may be postponed. Health authorities in the United Arab Emirates have clearly defined the framework for these visits. In this article, we offer our tips to help you make your decision

Regulatory framework

At The French Clinic of Dubai, we follow the instructions of the health authorities: Dubai Healthcare City, Dubai Health Authority and Ministry Of Health of the United Arab Emirates. We also follow the recommendations of the World Health Organization and the French Ministry of Health.

What has the French Clinic done to protect its Patients reducing the risk of   exposure toCOVID_19?

As we continue to grapple with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we must take steps to slow the spread of the virus by staying at home and taking all necessary precautions to protect ourselves and others. However, it's also crucial that we ensure continuity of care for our non-COVID-19-related health needs. We cannot simply neglect our medical treatment, and that's why services like are so essential in today's environment. Even for those who have chosen to return to their home country and stay with family during this time, it's still important to stay connected with your healthcare provider for your regular checkups and treatments. To help minimize the risk of exposure, many providers are now offering telemedicine consultations via video conference. This allows patients to receive care from the comfort and safety of their own homes, while still getting the attention and treatment they need. For those cases that require an in-person clinical examination or treatment, providers like the French Clinic have implemented strict protocols to minimize the risk of exposure and ensure patient safety.

Telemedicine at The French Clinic, How does it work?

Very early on, with the confinement, we put in place the tools to offer you online consultations:

(i) You contact us as usual: Clinic phone number: +97144298450, WhattsApp email number: +971506570720, email: or website:

(ii) Our help desk offers you an appointment with your physician. They will, also, explain the Telemedicine Consultation process

(iii) At the time of the appointment, our help desk will contact you by videoconference, prepare the file with you and establish the connection with your practitioner

(iv) During the consultation, your doctors has access to your file. They will run the consultation as usual

(v) If your doctor has all the elements for a comprehensive diagnosis, he will prescribe the treatment. In addition, if there is a need for a clinical examination, the help desk will propose you a follow-up appointment

(vi) The payment for the consultation is made by secure online payment

(vii) The invoice, your insurance documents and the prescription are sent to you by email through our reception

Telemedicine Consultation - The French Clinic Telemedicine Consultation - The French Clinic

What if I have COVID_19 Symptoms?

During the Telemedicine Consultation and, in the presence of COVID_19 Symptoms, your attending physician will refer you to dedicated facility for COVID_19 patients treatment. This has the following advantages:

(i) Provide appropriate care for the patient, and,

(ii) Avoid the risks of exposure between patients

When should I visit the clinic for a consultation?

Obviously, we cannot deal with every situation by telemedicine video-consultation. In some cases, a visit to the clinic is necessary to ensure patient care. This is essentially for patient requiring a clinical examination and additional check-ups.

And the children? their periodic medical check-ups? their vaccinations?

"It would be irrelevant not to prevent diseases already under control pretexting a disease that rarely affects babies" It is very important to maintain the first consultation while leaving maternity hospital which must be carried out within 8 to 10 days after birth. It is also very important to respect the vaccination schedule. Above all, vaccination of young children (less than two years old) against potentially serious diseases such as measles or meningitis should not be delayed.

The consultation of the 1st month as well as the following: 2nd, 4th, 5th, 11th, 12th and 16th months must be done in a medical office. For the record, you can find below the vaccination calendar of the French Ministry of Health (in French).

Vaccination Calendar - French Ministry of Health Vaccination Calendar - French Ministry of Health

What is our risk of exposure to COVID_19 if we come to visit the Clinic?

At the French Clinic, we have taken all measures, in compliance with the recommendations of health authorities, minimizing the risk of exposure :

(i) A questionnaire is run by help desk for a pre-assessment of risk of exposure. Patients presenting COVID_19 symptoms are referred to dedicated facilities for treatment

(ii) To prefer the Telemedicine Consultation to minimize the number of patients present simultaneously in the clinic,

(iii) To reduce the number of patients simultaneously present at the reception room by allowing longer time between two appointments,

(iv) To provide clinic staff and Practitioners with suitable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE: masks, gloves, etc.),

(v) To increase cleaning and decontamination frequencies and using products in compliance with the recommendations of health authorities,

(vi) Preventive professional disinfection treatment carried out at regular interval by a specialized company in compliance with  health authorities guidelines.

Which Practitioners / Specialists are available?

All of our practitioners are available to ensure continuity of quality care both through telemedicine consultation and at clinic.

Our Pediatrician, Doctor Nawar Tayara, and Our Family Doctor, Doctor Barbara Vercauteren are, of course, at the forefront diagnosing and offering you adapted care.

Our Gynecologist, Doctor Fella Sadi, is also available for your treatment, monitoring of pregnancy and childbirth. Particular attention is given for monitoring future mothers ensuring their protection.

Stress due to fear exposure to virus, anxiety about being away from family, confinement, difficulty managing work from home while looking after children may be good reasons for consulting our Counselor, Mrs. Vanessa Bokanowski. We invite you to read her article on our blog "Dubai at the time of COVID_19: between uncertainty and identity crisis" (in French).

Containment can be a good opportunity to practice Speech Therapy. Consult our Speech Therapist, Mrs. Virginie Gasquet Collodoro, who continues her Speech Therapy sessions both through Telemedicine Consultation as well as in the clinic.

In conclusion

The French Clinic have taken the necessary actions to ensure continuity of quality care. Our practitioners, all French or French-speaking, are available both for telemedicine consultations and in the clinic. Your health is very important. As a priority, stay at home. Prefer, as much as possible, the Telemedicine Consultation. If there is a need for a consultation at the clinic, we have put in place all the measures recommended by health authorities to protect you.

May 02 2020 By Dr Nawar Tayara. Medical Director - Pediatric and Pediatric Pulmonology Consultant

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